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Skin around the eyes is extremely thin ( 0.5 mm compared to the 2mm skin on entire face) which makes it a mirror to the underlying changes.Here are some of the ways to help you to prevent & reduce dark circles. WE already know reasons for dark circles .


sun-151763_640Do not let the sun get you.In addition to a good sunscreen never forget to use UV protected sun glasses  whenever you go out in the sun.


Stop too much crying or vigorous rubbing of eyes for the sake of your own eyes, if not for other reasons.


Sleeping-girlSound sleep can be the single most important solution for many problems.If can not solve, at least it can make us forget those problems temporarily. It helps the mind & body to revive from various stress factors.

Make a habit of sleeping at regular intervals, you can see the difference yourself.


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Do not indulge yourself in too much of caffeine.Stay away from smoke & smoking persons.Alcohol is also a “no, no”.


This is not just a problem of software professionals. all the youngsters are literally addicted to gadgets.

I know there is no way we can escape from this.But we can always take some precautions.

  1. Reduce extreme brightness & glare in the surroundings.
  2. Blink often.( DO NOT STARE THE SCREEN)
  3. look away every 20 mins ,look at a distant object for 20 secs.
  4. Take frequent breaks.
  5. Give intermittent cool compressions to eyes.( i do this once every 4 hrs ,believe me it really helps.)

Choose a green wallpaper or keep your surroundings green.Green colour is said to reduce the strain on eyes.




Eat food rich in vitamins A,C,E. Make sure to include fresh fruits,veggies,sprouts ,lentils ,yogurt in the diet.

Drink plenty of water.


Do some breathing exercises ( i prefer pranayama ). They help in reducing stress and they also improve circulation.


cream-194116_640There are various types of eye creams available in the market.You need to choose one according to your budget & requirement.

For thinning of skin -Use a collagen containing cream.

For vascular issues -Use cream with green tea / caffeine /grape seed extracts.


i already discussed some home remedies to help you with dirty circles.One simplest technique i use daily is to apply drops of almond oil to eye area before sleeping .You can use coconut oil instead. But be gentle , do not massage with pressure.

Rose water can do wonders too. Take some drops of rose water on cotton and apply to eye area.

10.MEDICAL HELP stethoscope-33520_640

For pigmentation problems, harmonal problems , allergies you might want to go your physician.



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