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Hi gals, how doing ? It took almost a week for me to come back right ???This time i am here with another ‘healthy’ post. The very second thing i do after waking up is drinking warm  water with lemon ( first is of course brushing). It actually helps me in many ways. Here are my top 5 reasons.


1. Preparing the resting digestive system.

After a 8 hr rest warm lemon water is the best thing to start your digestive functions with . It is more desirable for body than caffeinated drinks. Other thing though not  given anywhere , is that it helps with constipation.

2. Clear skin

It helps maintaining a healthy , glowing skin. It eliminates the toxic things which harm the skin. It boosts the recycling of skin’s cells.

3.Clearing mind

I do not know how many others will agree with me ,but it helps clear my otherwise cloudy ‘early morning’ brain. Mind you this is not given anywhere.

4.Boost metabolism.

Boosting metabolism is the loveliest word i have ever come across . This means losing calories . Wow does not it sound great . It is controversial whether to add honey with lemon water for this purpose . But AYURVEDA says ( or RAMDEV BABA says)honey and lemon water combo early in the morning will help in weight reduction.


As i told you earlier ,Lemon water helps to eliminate toxic substances from body .