Hi guys, I am back. I am extremely sorry for a long absence . Last week I spent 92 hrs in various journeys .I travelled by train , bus, bike , car. It was an exhausting  week which made me kinda sick . So today I thought ” Whatever happens , I am going to write a post” . Though I had been standing for 8hrs today & my legs are aching like hell , I am writing.

This is what I did a few days back . Every time I buy  an egg for hair , a lot of its contents are left over . I have no one in house to use that . So I thought, this time , of using it as many ways as possible . Here we go……..



  • Crack egg gently making sure not to mix yolk with white .
  • Take some white to a small container. (Amount will depend on the severity of problem , I have fine hair on upper lip & cheeks so I needed a very small amount.)
  • To it add some flour. Any kind will do. I used rice flour as it was the only thing I could get hold of , that time.
  • Add a very small amount of sugar to it.
  • Mix all the contents into a thick paste.
  • Apply a thick layer on to the affected area
  • wait for 15-20 mins.
  • Start massaging gently in the opposite direction of hair growth .
  • Wash your face & ta.. da…

I will tell you about the other methods in future posts. Stay tuned .

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sadhvi mythili

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