4 Home remedies for soft and smooth hands


For women it is always a challenge to maintain beauty of hands. Say it cooking, washing or even driving can make the skin of hands rough and dry. Here are 4 home remedies to help achieving soft and smooth ‘beauty soap ad wale’ hands. ( Remember the hand which applies soap in commercials)


1.To two spoons of lemon juice, add 2 spoons of honey. Apply this mixture to hands after washing. Wash after another 20 mins. Follow with a moisturizer or hand cream.

2.This mixture can be stored. Add equal amounts of glycerine, olive oil and lemon juice in a bottle. Store this in refrigerator. Apply this mixture twice daily to hands and gently massage.

This will give good amount of moisture and glow to the skin.

3. Make a liquid with equal amounts of lemon juice, coconut oil and rose water. Apply this to hands daily before sleep.

4. To one spoon of vinegar, add two spoons of  honey. Apply this to hands and wash it after half an hour. Follow with a moisturizer or hand cream

Use these remedies regularly without fail.

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