5 common ways of local transport in India


I have been to many places and have experienced many things: from not being able to find a vehicle at all to hotel help desk betraying us for commission.

      When you go to a new place, you usually have no clue where to start inquiry or the bargain. When you want to go by number of hours, the driver migt get lazy and convince you to stick to a plac where you would take at least 4 hours to tour while he blissfully sleeps; if you trust him and ask his advice he might thrash you at an exensive plac where he gets a huge share of your purchase or services bought; he might refuse to turn on the A/C saying that was not included in the original price. Been there, done that. No, in fact got that done on us.

      Since the invention of smart phones and mobile internet, I have started relying extensively (like many others) on looking for online means. There are additional benefis like being relaibale, hassle- free and available at most places. Here is the list of the things we personally tested.

     Bike rental

We looooooove taking a bike. It is economical, easy to drive, can navigate through traffic and narrow streets easily and parking is not difficult to find. We visited 10 places on bike till now. If it iswith 200km from the place where we live, we take our bike. if not, we arrange for a bike locally. (It is too tiresome driving more than that and we are not pros; most of The Times we have t directly reach hospital and do some 36 hr h=shift immediately after a trip). Places like Goa, Pondicherry and hampi have an extensive locak bike renting system which is quick and affordable. For many other tourist places, there are online rental services. My personal experience is with They have well maintained bikes and you can book extra helmets. Booking process is simple and there are available at many places now.

Us, on bike


    Ola and UBER outstation services :

Again, we have xperience with both. We never had any issues with them but one of relatives had some problem with Ola. My problem with them is that they are a bit exoensive compared to other sites like Savaari.

    We recently went on a trip with Savaari and I love it. The booking process was a breeze. I just made one call and told the person what are all the places I wanted to visit and done. Even ehen I wanted to make changes in the itinerary, it was done with a single phone call. On top of that, it was nearly 10% cheaper than what Ola was coating for the same trip. ( Same distance , same vehicle.)

   Self driving cars:

   Till now, I have been to only two trips on car and both The Times, it was non rental. We thought of considering Zoomcar in our last trip, but it was costlier than Savaari also you have to bear the expenses in case of damages.

   Local car hires

   Another thing we do frequently is to take flight or train to a destination and then hire a car. It is kind of convenient but depends. There can be scams and these local drivers have dealings with places where they rip off.

This has been completely unsponsored and these are my genuine opinions.


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These are common 5 ways of private transport in India





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