6 Best beaches in Goa for Couples for 2019



Goa has been a hotspot for couples: be it young unmarried couples wanting to spend some quality time with each other or a newly married couple. For decades, Goa has been serving the purpose of a place being famous for some beautiful beaches, mouth-watering cuisines, pleasant weather and a strong history of romance. So if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy your time with your partner then here are a few best beaches in Goa for couples.

1. Butterfly Beach

With a lot of beaches across the entire state, you might find a lot of variety too. Those who
are looking for a peaceful and private time with their partner can come straight to the
Butterfly beach. Being one of the Goa’s most romantic beaches, Butterfly beach is known to
serve its purpose of peace and serenity as well. It is a bit less commercialized and maybe
that’s the reason.
But yes one thing that you have to keep in mind is, there is no motorable road to this beach.
If you desire of coming here then you must have to trek through the dense forest and reach
here. But if trekking is not your type just take a ferry from Palolem.

2. Betul Beach


In any country around the world, if you are visiting beaches, romance is something that will
be in the air. Sand, seashore, and sun, these three spice up the environment for couples. If
you are searching for romantic places in Goa for couples, the Betul Beach is on the of
the list. You can access this beach using the Cavelossim-Assolna ferry which will be taking
you across the Sal River. Not just this, the place is also well off to serve local seafood which is
one of the best in the entire state.

3. Kakolem Beach


This beach is one of the best in the entire world because Kakolem Beach is a live example of
beauty and serenity. In this beach, you are going to get all the beautiful moments while
being close to nature. This is got to be one of the best beaches in Goa.The place is secluded
and away from the maddening crowd.

4. Bogmalo Beach


Oh yes, for those who are looking for a picturesque beach, come straight to Bogmalo beach.
This place is well known for its tranquility during the evenings and of-course the buzzing
shores are not to be forgotten. Couple soak themselves in the romantic waves that are felt
here and exploring the beach is also a fun time for couples coming here.

5. Mandrem Beach


For honeymoon couples, this beach is the best. It has some of the exceptional vistas to show and a lot of enthusiastic water sports to offer. You can hire a cab or even rent a bike to reach
here. As the state is small, people enjoy riding bikes to circle the entire state. If you are coming here with your partner, don’t miss on the high tides that are mesmerizing in its own

6. Velsao Beach

Talking of romantic beaches and not mentioning the Velsao Beach would be not good at all.
This beach is known as the ideal hideout for couples. This beach is beautiful because it is not
much commercialized and more isolated as compared to the others in the state. The beach
is situated between Majorda and Bogmalo. The place has beautiful silver sand, azure sea and
an array of coconut trees. This beach is known to be one of the best and topmost in the
state for romantic couples.
People coming here not just enjoy their time taking a walk in the sand but also try the
adventurous sports that this place has to provide. They also try out swimming and
sunbathing on the beach.
So these are the top 6 beaches that are available in the state but you might find a few more that are smaller. There are also places where you can stay. All you need to do is get the Goa resort
honeymoon package from a good website and pre-book all your needs before coming here. You can have a blast with your loved one in the state of Goa.


This is a guest post by Rinki kamboj


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