AMAZING HYDERABAD a new series .


Amazing Hyderabad : A New Series

Hyderabad is the hot topic in this post. Few days ago I saw a news that Nat Geo website has listed Best 20 trips for 2015 and guess what ? Hyderabad is one of them . (Read the entire post here)  Like everyone else from Telangana I was super happy and super excited ,then I realized that i have never considered writing about Hyderabad .Telangana Talli (mother of Telanagana) will never forgive me .As it happens we really take the things at hand for granted .So i decided to do a series of posts about this city .


I really understand the fact the everyone goes crazy about their respective places and that is quiet common. Like every other city on earth  this city also has its own special history.The history of Hyderabad literally has a special place in Indian history. If you remember from your childhood Hyderabad was made a part of India only by force which is called as ‘Police Action ‘.

The merging of Hyderabad in to India is a history itself.I really do not want to go in depth coz it needs several posts.

The thing that needs to be mentioned is  about ‘Bhagamathi’. Some people might know that the city Hyderabad is called ‘Bhagya Nagaram’ . It is said that the name took origin from the name of queen Bhagamathi who married Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 16th century. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah was the the fifth sultan of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, son of Ibraham qutub shah . He fell in love with  a brahmin dancer called Bhagamathi . He used to swim across the river Musi to visit her daily even on those days when the river was roaring. The sulthan (his father ) came to know about this and built a bridge across the river. Later when they got married Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah started building  a city called Bhagyanagar ..(Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah  was the founder of Hyderabad ) .Later when she became Hyder mahal ( Her muslim name) Bhagyanagaram had become Hyderabad.

Is not it extremely romantic ? almost a fairy tale !!!

I had been hearing this story since childhood till the time when the historians gave me a shock of life time by announcing

that ‘ Bhagamathi might be a myth as well as the love story’ . The discussion is still on, but for time being i am believing in Bhagamathi.

All i wanted to tell you finally is that i want to start a series on Hyderabad and I lost my track .

But I am really excited to start this,tell me if you want to know specifically about any place in Hyderabad.



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sadhvi mythili


  1. Leena Walawalkar
    January 2, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    A very interesting subject you’ve chosen there Sadhvi. Have never been to Hyderabad, so will be fun seeing it through your eyes

    • sadhvi mythili
      January 3, 2016 at 8:59 am

      Hi Leena ,Happy that you liked the idea .Will try my best to give you a best idea of Hyderabad.

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