Face wash is the most important part of our skin care routine. The biggest mistake most busy girls make is to take this step for granted.That could make your skin react badly and yourself repent badly. Even the people who follow this regularly fail to do it in a proper way.HERE are some tips to help u to get a clean skin.

1.Know your skin

It is very important to know the type of your skin to use any kind of skin products. If u have acne prone skin u might want to use face wash with special ingredients.Dry skin beauties need a creamy wash. If u are not sure which one to use always go with a mild wash which is non allergic & non comedogenic.

2.Say “no” to soapfhhf curd-soap-155969_640

Do not fall into the trap of so called “BEAUTY SOAPS “.Most of these kinds are not pH balanced ,which is not advisable for facial skin which is quite sensitive compared to the body skin.

3. Clean hands. 2254327579_1757620826

Make sure to clean hands before u touch your face to prevent infection spreading  . Hands are the  common source of microbes going to face.

4.Appropriate temperature of water

Using suitable temperature is equally important. In the first step use lukewarm to warm water ,it helps to loosen up the dirt settled in pores. Follow it with facial cleanser. In the end splash some cold water.Make sure the water is not extremely hot.That makes skin dry.

5.No rough job.

Do not ever be rough with face.Face has very sensitive skin which gets irritated by rubbing vigorously.Before applying soap to face ,make rich lather with your hands.

6.Follow directions

Start with forehead proceed to cheeks ,gently massage with outward circles . End with chin and neck.

7.Take time

Do not rush .Take time to massage for minimum of 30 sec-1 min.

8.Don’t forget makeup .

Make sure to remove make up with remover because face wash is not enough for removing all the make up.Make up residue in the skin leads to baaaaaa…..d breakout.

This is all i can tell u.If you have more ideas,let me know.

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Thank you.



sadhvi mythili


  1. uday m
    March 19, 2015 at 3:53 am

    Very useful

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