10 Benefits of couple traveling


Get  intimate :

Cool breeze,caressing waves,  showering moon light. You can get endless possible  romantic situations which you share with your partner while traveling. Traveling together will invariably increase intimacy and strengthens the relationship.  Especially couple coming from arranged marriages. It is very odd to spend time with strangers. Honeymoons help them to come closer. I think that is the honeymoon is meant for.

It improves understanding.

Time spent together without others interference will help you understand each other better. You might never realize that your husband is a good photographer  or your wife is good in history otherwise.

Improves organizing skills:

You two are going to organize  your lives with each other. Start from planning a trip. It is not sooo simple. Work together, be a team.


couple traveling

Great time spent together will help for great bonding and attachment.

Manufacturing memories

It is not about just having fun, it  is about manufacturing new memories. Get them out of your memory box and enjoy for life.

Helps forget household worries and relax.

You might be waiting for promotion very long, you might have loads of loans to pay, you might have a torturing boss or maid. Take a trip and forget about everything for few days. You have your whole life with deal with issues.

Saves money.

Traveling together can save  a lot of money on transportation ( when you are using a private transport), on accommodation and others (like guide charges)

Personal photographer

all my good photos are taken by my husband
all my good photos are taken by my husband

Even  though very famous, selfies are not possible everywhere. If they are they might not look that good also. If you are two, you can take pics for each other. All my good pics were taken by my husband only.

Safety ( for female travelers)

We are advancing in so many things, but I still am not comfortable in traveling alone. It is not like my husband is a Bruce lee or something. Being with a man can keep troublesome people at a bay.

Handy at emergencies

You never know when you might fall sick or get into some accident. It is always better to have some one close to help us.


These are my top reasons to travel as a couple. If you have more or if you have other ideas, let me know.

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