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Tales from the Crib

Tales from the Crib

Author: Jennifer Coburn

Genre: Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction

Lucy finds out that she is pregnant at the age of 38 , after so many disastrous previous pregnancies this was a ray of hope . But there is another surprise waiting for her ,  her husband wants a divorce .When he hears about pregnancy ,he comes up with the idea of ‘co-parenting’ ,that is they will live together, he will pay her bills ,they will raise kid together ,but each can have separate lives and they can date anyone they want. While Lucy hates the idea, she has no other(proper) support.

While Lucy is engulfed in to many complications that pregnancy has to offer ,husband starts dating . Later ,the story is all about how they both find lost spark between them and start experimenting with parenting.


My take on Tales from the Crib  :

I got this book for free from amazon through Bookbub. ( You can read the whole article here.)The book at most times very hilarious . Many episodes were ‘laugh out loud’ ones. There are many funny characters. Her self-centered ,vivacious mother, her cousin who married herself , two old typically Jewish aunts ,her husbands ‘perfect girlfriend’ Natalie to offer good humor.

My problem with the book was that  at times ,it was too dramatic ( In my thinking it is too  filmy). Lucy and her husband are brought back together by a tragic accident to him and i saw this in many Telugu films.Most of her problems are solved in way that is ‘too good to be true ‘. I really felt uncomfortable about the ‘quickie’ she has with a random guy during a car wash .(really , inside the car when car is in car wash) . How can a mother of toddler can have something extremely unprotected and dangerous.

Rating for Tales from the Crib : 3.8/5

You can buy the product by clicking the link below ,i will get small commission which will keep me encouraged.