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Hi, friends… so summer is almost here and my super oily skin started producing oil like crazy. I started using ‘summer skin packs ‘ for my skin. I wanted to share few for you.

Oily skin packs

Sandalwood pack:

Sandalwood works miraculously in summers. It helps in soothing the skin and body in the hot summers. The pack is simple just add a spoonful rosewater to a pinch of sandalwood powder. Then apply all over your face and neck. Just relax and wait for 15 mins before washing.

Multhani mitti/fuller’s earth pack

Multhani mitti /fuller’s earth is a boon to oily skin. You can make many kinds of skin packs with it. The simple one I use (almost every day) s adding few drops of lemon water, spoonful honey to fuller’s earth.


It is another simple face pack. Simply apply egg white all your face and tolerate that smell for 15 mins. Using this pack twice weekly helps the skin to control excess oil production.


oily skin packs               fdecomite

Raw milk is another thing to help you. Take a spoonful raw milk and add pinch of turmeric to apply all over face and neck. This will help in preventing infections and acne in summers.


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