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Konjac sponge

Beauty product markets are currently flooded with ASIAN beauty products .  Beauty lovers have been testing and trying them . This ‘ Konjac Sponge’ is one of such products .  I saw some very good reviews about this in some blogs and could not resist to try this out. It is widely available in major online portals and the price  also varies . I have seen prices starting from 180 rs ( flipkart, paytm ) to 2000rs . As i was skeptical i  wanted to buy  at lower prices , in my excitement i ended up buying two.

Both are grey charcoal ones , one was for 180rs (Amazon)  other was for 499rs ( ebay).

They have different colors of sponges for different purposes . Charcoal ones for acne prone skin , yellow turmeric one for skin brightening ,white plain Konjac sponge , Green tea Konjac Sponge for detoxifying and brightening ,Rose Clay Heart Sponge,  for sensitive and dry skin.  There are different shapes as well . They have body sponges too.

 Texture :

Konjac sponge

Unused sponge is small ,firm and rough which  does not look like the one to be used on face .  Once soaked in water it becomes soft ,fat sponge .

 How to use

Konjac sponge

For first use you need to soak Konjac sponge in lukewarm water for 15-20 mins . On soaking it gets double the size of the dry one . From second use on wards it needs less then 2 mins to achieve the desirable size   . It can be used alone or along with the routine cleanser .

I use  daily at night with cleanser . Then I put a dollop of cleanser directly on the wet sponge for a light scrub. The sponge feels really nice and gentle. After washing, I rinse out the sponge ,gently squeeze it then hang it to dry .


Konjac sponge

2 years  .

It is advisable to replace it once every 3 months ( Just like a tooth brush )

My take

The sponge is very gentle to use . I have been using it for last 2 months and i can say that i love it . Though it did not produce any drastic results it certainly reduced the size of my cystic acne. At at any given point of time i have 1-2 cysts on my face which would last for months with waxing and waning at the same place. Once i started using Konjac sponge ,   The cysts started to vanish by first week itself . This is the only thing which seems to work for my cystic acne .


  • Works well for cystic acne .
  • Useful for daily exfoliation .
  • Very gentle to use .
  • Safe for skin .
  • Suitable for sensitive skin .
  • Easy to use .
  • Eco friendly  , completely degradable .
  • Widely available online .


  • Doubtful availability offline.


Rating :  4.8/5

Have you ever tried this ???

Share your experience .

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