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         Hi guys!! Winter is back and everyone around is getting their warm clothing out. People from other places might have started experiencing it already, but here in hyderabad, winter just is knocking the door.

Sweaters are no more just comfort clothing, they have become the style statements.
These are some tips to take care your awesome sweaters this season.

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 1.Cleaning :

Do not abuse your sweaters with repeated washing . That will kill it . Prefer dry clean over washing for cleaning it.  It is Ok to wash them just once a month . After every usage you can just dry it in shade.


2.Washing :

If you prefer to wash them at home , hand wash is more advisable than machine wash . Use a mild detergent .I prefer baby shampoo for that purpose.

3.Add  vinegar

Adding apple cider vinegar to the water used for washing helps the sweaters become fluffy and lively .If you are not comfortable with the smell consider fabric conditioner made for wool.


4.Stains :

If you accidentally get stains of any kind remove them immediately .You can use baking soda for this purpose.



Never ,ever hang a sweater . That will make it bigger in size and it might lose its elasticity.


You can occasionally keep it in a fridge. This will prevent pilling and moth infestation.


Pilling is one painful issue we face with woolen clothing .It will make them look dull & old .There are few methods to remove it.

Never pull them which can destroy the fabric.

a) Commercial products: There are few commercial products especially made for de-pilling like sweater comb ,sweater stone and sweater pilling shaver.

b) If you have patience ,you can simply cut them with scissors .This is the cheapest way but this could be dangerous and exhausting.

c ) Pumice stone : You can use the regular pumic stone to gently rub the sweater . Make sure to be gentle.

d)Razor        : You can use regular old shaving razor .Use it as you use it on skin .Make sure the razor is old and not sharp.



Do not forget to place moth -repellents in the wardrobe.


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