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IMG_1965When I tell my husband that every dress of mine has a story he never understands. He  always looks so shocked when I tell him about whens ,wheres ,hows ,whos of dresses . Sometimes he even becomes tearful about my abnormal memory of clothes . But I believe that 80% of girls on earth can do that without any difficulty .

Like most of my dresses, this dress had to wait about a year to be worn from the day it was bought . For a few days it was looking at me pleadingly whenever I opened my suitcase . (I lived in hostel ) After a few days , I got irritated & sent this home . After that  my mother started reminding me about this dress. For every festival or function , no matter how trivial it is, mom would take this out and ask me . Finally I wore this for UGADI which is an important festival for telugu people .

For girls of normal height this might not be a floor length .This is just an anarkali . But thanks to my 5” ht ,it has become a floor length for me  (he he he ) .I took no pains for accessorizing it  , I just chose everything in gold .

The photos were taken at a small  railway bridge near the village where we lived.

Outfit details-

Dress -Warangal

Earrings & gold flats – Karimnagar.

Gold cluch –


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