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photo:Tugba Unsal

1.My patients, my life:

No matter how much I hate my busy scheduling and the work I have to do as a doctor, I love my patients a lot. They are just ‘Kids in adult sizes’. I really can not dream of not being able to meet them.

2.Pathi parameshwar

I do not like traveling alone. There are few reasons for it. Me and my husband travel together. Being a Bharathiya nari how can I leave my husband and travel alone? (please read this last line with the same emotion of ‘chutki bhar sindhoor’ dialogue). My husband can not tag along as he is a cardiac surgeon and would not hear of leaving his job .

3. Sentimental idiot

I may appear very much hard from outside, I still have the mind of that 13 yr old girl who went to hostel with homesickness. I really feel homesick not just for my home also for my culture, food, language and every other thing related to my place. I went on a 22 day trip once by 15th day I developed an intense urge to return home. I really doubt if i can take any trip longer than 15 days, forget about being a ‘full time traveler’.

4.Typical middle class mentality.

Born, brought up in a middle class family, It is extremely difficult for me to even think of leaving a well secured job like this and become a full time traveler and take a risk.

5.Restless mind

I do not know whether it is a boon or curse but since childhood I get bored too easily with anything. I have a fear that if I chose to be a full time traveler, traveling which is a passion for me might become a boring job.

6. My biology, my enemy

I can not tolerate even a slightest disruption in biological functions. My mind starts behaving crazy like anything. Talk about my post trip weakness and need for bed rest, It takes at least -4 days for me to become normal after a two day trip.