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logo7When you visit DELHI for the first time you will invariably go to places which come to your mind when thinking of Delhi. I don’t think I need toname them. I have visited them in college. What if it is your second time to Delhi and you don’t want to follow those tourist buses?

When we visited Delhi this time , we wanted to go to places which were not in the previous list and also which couldn’t be found in Hyderabad. When I went through internet , I found this amazing place.

Mystery rooms is located near Rajori garden metro station ( 10 min walk ). When we decided to go there , we were not really sure about whats going to be there. But we both are kinda people who try to poke fingers into everything we come across. So we were finally there.

We had no problem finding the place. We went directly without calling but as it was a week day ,there was no problem finding a slot.


If you are already wondering ‘ what this all fuss about’ , I am coming there. Mystery rooms is a new kind of experience you are going to get which has some resemblance to reality shows. They will give you challenges and you need to complete them in  an hour. Currently two kinds of games are available. They are promising two more from this may.


           The game mainly is  hard work for your ” little grey cells” as Hercule Poirot would say. We went for  HURT LOCKER . They will lock you in a room with a bomb which is going to blast in an hour. Some clues are dispersed everywhere around the room. We need to solve some puzzles to get those clues. I do not  want to ruin the thrill you will get by describing everything. 

Me and hubby were together in a team. As a matter of fact , I cracked more puzzels. (Please do not ask Raki , he will say he had cracked more😜. However  we lost😭😭😭.

The price depends on many things. You will better check with their site.

So next time you are in Delhi pay a visit to this place. Some places of this kind can also be found in Mumbai.



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