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I know how long it had been.

A cute and completely unrelated photo for you


I had to give a break to blogging when I went for a rural posting in Nov 2016. What I thought as a temprary posting, got extended to 6 months due to various issues. Then I became ill. I have a rheumatic illness which changes in severity once in while. I had severe exacerbration last year which made it impossible to type or write. I had to wear joint supporters for few months.

          After that was over, came my thesis. Every person who had done thesis would know how much of a herculian task it was. It sucks our time, patience, energy and life. For almost tow months near the deadline, I hrdly did anything except thesis related work.

          After thesis, it was my final exams. Though, I got three months time between my theory and practicals, I just was off the track by then. ( Now I regret it)


         Now, my thesis had been accepted without any changes( Thank you God, thank you), I cleared my theroy and practiclas in fiirst attempt and taking my steps towards private practice as a psychiatrist. After all of these, I started to realise how I miss writing and here I am.