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Cut from the same cloth : Book review


51qDDDXe-ZL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Genre : Historical Romance .

Elizabeth Hampton must find a wealthy husband before her family is completely ruined ;her only strength is her beauty and she definitely knows how to show it  off with pretty clothes. So when she meets the stubborn , anti aristocrat Valen, Lord St. Clare , wearing a suit which was ‘cut from the same cloth’  of her dress , the humiliation she feels has no boundaries.

Valen halfheartedly  promised his ‘lying on death bed’ father that he would find a suitable girl . He developed an immediate urge to torment the head strong   Elizabeth on the very first instant .

But can the fight away the developing ‘ blood boiling chemistry ‘ between them ?

Will the tricks of Lady Honore and the threats of Merot succeed in breaking the walls ?


My take

Set in the background of Nepolean era England the romantic story with some danger really succeeded in engaging for a few hours . Though the love story seemed some what immature ‘love/hate ‘ kind of story , i liked it. At some places i laughed till my cheeks ached.


The chemistry between the protagonists and the witty writing .


The climax was rather abrupt , the character of Merot did not reach the expectations.

Favorite character

Lady Honore  , Lord Horton .






sadhvi mythili

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