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I am exceptionally lazy person.  Since childhood I  have been  considering myself utterly intellectual type and this made me to ignore any sports. Leave being adventurous. These days my adventurous journey  ends at  arguing with  manic patient at the closed (psychiatric) ward. ( Mind you, even that is an adventure). After  almost a month of near sedentary life sinking neck deep into studies, patients and projects, we decided to have a break though all we could get was a single day. We had to look for a single day activity or a short trip and came up with this brilliant idea of paying a visit to SAAHAS.

This place had been luring me since the announcement by Ramoji film city as it was first of its kind in Hyderabad. The website description is

“Sahas – Ramoji Adventure Land brings multiple adventure experiences to this part of the world.We bring to life, mesmerizing and awe-inspiring experiences to escape from the mundane and the boring. ”

It is located inside the Ramoji film city( A film studio holding the world record for being largest & also a well known tourist destination as RFC  in Hyderabad)

The grand entrance to Ramoji Film City (RFC)
The grand entrance to Ramoji Film City (RFC)


It is an action world filled with various options to engage your day in activities of different levels ( and the night with annoying body pains). They have bunch of exciting activities from High roap course, net course to ATV raids. There are various packages with the least starting from 900 bucks. There are options for SAAHAS alone or SAAHAS+ RFC trip. We chose the former as we had visited RFC 6 times already. ( Yes, 6 times)

From the entrance we are taken to  SAAHAS in a separate vehicle where we are given multiple options of activities to chose from. We chose three activities first as we were not sure how much our energy would let us. My excitement started creeping slowly till it reeched my head and I started hopping.

The first activity itself drained me, it was a Net course which looked childishly simple but proved devilishly difficult.  We crawled like lizards, swung like Tarzan and spider man ( or woman) and did many UN-describable things for 40 mins.  It was a long and difficult and nearly killed my sportswoman ship and  adventure spirit.

Just the begining
Just the beginning
The spider Man
The spider Man
Mini tarzan hurdle ( I named it)
Mini tarzan hurdle ( I named it)


Shaky logs..
Shaky logs..

SAAHAS………………Never ending hurdles

One leg goes that way, one leg this way...
One leg goes that way, one leg this way…


Next was this high rope  course and was a two storey high and  had many more storey fun.

All set for rope course
All set for rope course


Later i SAAHASwent to one Bungee ejection which was one was the most dangerous ones I have ever been to. We did other activities too..like Zip line, Sumo fights and ATV ride but did not click pictures ( with exhaustion, my husband warned me he would rather push me off the rope course rather than clicking a single photo more).

I would have preferred a bright but shady but ended up with a hot day and was out in the sun from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening and by that time we were stinking in sweat like pigs. For next two days, I walked like a robot with sore and stiff muscles and swore not to try anything like that in future. Once my body was in condition started making plans for future trips to SAAHAS. I enjoyed the place thoroughly and recommend it to everyone.


  1. Carry as many bottles of water as possible.
  2. Better to be in a activity allowing dress.
  3. Best to go in shoes, even if you don’t have they would give you. But only you have to wear some old stinking shoes.
  4. Apply loads & loads of sunscreen.
Always wanted by meee
Always wanted by meee adventure, film city, hyderabad

Best adventure theme park in Hyderabad, India


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  1. winsant
    September 21, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Extra attraction at Ramoji Studio…..

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