Night in the cozy hut: Paikpndalu trip


I suddenly realized to my panic that the hut has no door.

The floor is a foot above the sand and has multiple possible openings for snakes or any crawling things to enter. No, I couldn’t sleep there, but I did.

Our stay place in our Paikonadalu trip’s night stay hut looked entirely different, by the time we came back after our “sand plays “. From outside you can see that they look like small cottages, but from inside, the huts looked sooo open, Sooo risky to spend a night in. We were 5 members and were given 2 huts . Those were nothing like I imagined them , they were elevated from the ground and had only one room. The entire floor was occupied by a thin mattress ,there was no fan ,a single zero bulb hanging from the bamboo roof and there was no door, just an opening to enter or exit. It was literally looking like a bed with four walls and roof.

Huts looked cute and comfy in the evening, like this
Huts looked cute and comfy in the evening, like this
 Dad dozing off at the bonfire in front of the hut
Dad dozing off at the bonfire in front of the hut
Sibling time- Going crazy at the campfire..
Sibling time- Going crazy at the campfire..

There was no power(plug)  point anywhere in the room. Only one extension box of power points near the office where everyone was in Que to charge their respective gadgets.
As it was very cold outside we spent some two-hour at the bonfire. My brother went for a stroll and caught hold of one ‘bamboo sheet’ to use as a door as I was very apprehensive for sleeping there without a door.

As I told you in my previous post, the beauty of the Papikondalu trip lies in our close association with nature. I never went for trekking or camping in the past. So, I had that understandable discomfort feeling there.
Once I was under the thick sheets, I immediately fell asleep.
It was a very new experience for me. It left me with a wish to go for some nature trips very often.

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