Hello beautiful girls !!!!!! How are you people doing? I am in a kind of stressful mess 😨. Struggling to get some time for writing. This is my first review post and many reviews are in line.


So ,when Jaquelin Fernandez started walking the ramp with nude feet in “scholl velvet express electronic pedi ” add , I immediately wanted it. But when when I came to know the actual price to be 2800 bucks i was forced to change my mind.😥. To cover up my disappointment , I started searching for the healthy ( for pocket) alternatives to it. That’s how I ended up finding this amazing thing.😍😍.

The pedimate I baught here comes as a combo pack with a NAIL GROOMING KIT . Together the price is 550/-.

This is actually an egg shaped plastic thing with metal micro file which looks like  food grater😜. ( my husband said ” why don’t you simply use the grater from kitchen ,that was only 50/-“).


How I feel????

When I first saw this I thought it was O.K. But when I started using it on shower , I was immensely satisfied. Let me tell you one thing , my feet are never that bad. I don’t have any cracks. But they get rough & dull which can be solved with little care. When I use them on the rough areas of my feet without much work done ,it simply smooths them. I also use it for gentle exfoliation of arms & legs as it is gentle.

For cleaning just remove the cap and wash it.


Now use it every 2-3 days on my hair wash/head bath day. It is easier to use after feet are treated with warm water.


1. Easy grip.

2. Easy to use in shower.

3. Works pretty well.

4. Easy to clean.

5. Travel friendly.

6. Safe for purse.

7. Gentle on any part.


None I can think of.

Overall rating  10 /10.

Will I recommend this product ?

Yes,yes of course.