Hello pretty friends !!! How was your weekend ? Mine had nothing in special. In the previous post I discussed about some important reasons for hair loss. Today I am coming with a handful of remedies.



Gooseberry has very high amount of Vitamin C which is very useful when used systemically as well as locally.

  • Take 4-5 gooseberries & make them into pulp.
  • Add some lemon juice to it.
  • Apply that mixture to the scalp.
  • Use a shower cap to cover head
  • Keep it overnight.
  • Wash in the morning.
  • Do this once weekly



No matter how much you hate any dealing with onions , they are good on many ways. They have anti bacterial properties which help in scalp infections. They also increase circulation promoting good growth of hair.

  • Take a medium sized onion & grate it.
  • Strain it to extract juice .
  • Add spoonful each of alovera gel and olive oil to that juice.
  • Apply that to scalp .
  • Wait for an hour before washing off.
  • Instead you can simply cut onion into half ,then rub with it in on calp.



Is there anyone who have no idea that hibiscus in many ways for hair ? ??? My mom used to make hibiscus oil for me through out my childhood. It stopped only after I went to hostel.

  • Take 10 hibiscus flowers .( I used to steal them from neighbors)
  • Add them to two cups of your favorite oil. I prefer coconut oil.
  • Boil the mixture till the flowers become nasty black balls. ( there will be a peculiar oudor )
  • Use this regularly as overnight hair oil.


Methi not only reduces the hair fall ,it also makes hair smoother.

  • Take a half cup of methi seeds and soak them till they become soft .
  • Make paste of them or if you are as lazy as I am, you can happily buy methi powder and add that to water.
  • Apply this to the scalp & hair .
  • Stay for hour with that heavy head.
  • Wash off
  • You might need someone’s help for washing as it is very hard to  leave.



  • Cut 1 or 2 beetroots and boil them in water till water becomes thick.
  • Add this liquid to henna to make a paste .
  • As usual apply this to scalp and wait for an hour
  • Go and start struggling in bathroom to get all the henna out of your hair.
  • Do I need to mention that henna is a natural conditioner and coloring agent.


Coconut is a kind of nature’s gift which can be used in a way you like to.

  • Grate coconut as you do for making chutney.
  • Strain it in cotton cloth .
  • You will get a white colored liquid which is known as coconut milk.
  • Apply this directly onto the scalp and hair.
  • Wait for half an hour before washing.
  • My advice is to wash it without shampoo ,it makes hair really lovable.

As there is no shampoo , don’t apply oil beforehand otherwise you end up with greasy hair.

Bye till next post beauties .

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