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RAMAPPA is a kind of place which actually fulfills the requirement of every visitor . It has picturesque beauty , a famous temple , a grasping art , a huge lake and centuries of history.(pardon me , if the order of descriptions seems improper). Overall , for a first time visitor  ,definitely  it holds a ‘wow factor’.

The place has been named after the sculptor ‘RAMAPPA’. He seems to be the only sculptor in the world to gain this kind of honor. It was built in the period of Ganapathi Deva(of Kakathiya dynasty),by a general Recherla Deva in 13th century.

                                    There are  two temples sitting next to each other. They  depict typical delicate Kakathiya art. The bigger temple has been built on a star shaped elevation ,which is about 7 ft from the ground. Exterior has some rock cut elephants, apsaras and famous NAGIN which  inspired some next generation sculptors. The carved dancers in the walls and pillars  helped the revival of PERINI SHIVATHANDAVAM , a classical from the time of kakathiyas. IMG_20150315_150203exterior


The interior is even more interesting, there are pillars which are carved from floor to ceiling. On one pillar a sculpture can produce sounds similar to indian classical music. On other one there are 5 dancers next to each other with only a count of 8 legs, but when we consider each dancer individually each seems to possess 2 legs.( I think I am very bad at describing things.) .


The roof shows various episodes from indian mythology. Though it is huge and looks heavy,It is said to be able to float in water. Of course , there is no way we can test that.


Opposite to the temple there is  another raised platform with enormous Nandi.

How to reach

IT is about 75 kms from Warangal. You can reach only by road. Telangana tourism is offering services to ramappa.

What to do

It has a temple ,surrounding greenery ,a lake where boating is offered. As a family vacation , weekend getaway u can plan to visit  along with laknavaram ,which is located just 15 kms from Ramappa.

Where to eat

Only decent place to dine with families here is HARITHA RESTAURANT  by Telangana tourism. Food is O.K. You can find dhabas only at a distance of 10-15 kms.

r (1)another view from side



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sadhvi mythili


  1. Param
    March 28, 2015 at 6:55 pm

    Lovely place. And I loved your playful style of photography

    • sadhvi mythili
      March 28, 2015 at 7:16 pm

      thank u so much

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