IMG_0120After living in WARANGAL for so many years , if I do not write about it ,that’s an absolute stupidity. Because there is always so much to tell about our place. WARANGAL has so many historical places which are still alive. WARANGAL FORT is one of them . Everyone who comes to Warangal wants to visit that . I myself took almost 50-60 of my friends & relatives . It took around 15-20 visits.

warangal fortWarangal fort is located near the city of Warangal . A thick stone built wall is seen surrounding it which looks pretty strong still . When we enter through the gate , there is a small town . Penetrating the town will take you to a huge stone built hall which is said to the DARBAR of KAKATHIYA DYNASTY .  We can go to the top of that building . ( But the stairs are soooo uncomfortable ).History says it was built in 13th century.

Ruins at Warangal Fort, Andhra Pradesh43543Further expeditions will take you to the ruins of what once had been  a structure of beautiful art of KAKATIYA time . There are some temples , single stone elephants , pillars carved from head to toe. There will be a LIGHT & SOUND SHOW  in the evening for 45 mins.

IMG_0173Opposite to these ruins there is another complex with a kids park & a temple on the hill. It has a separate entrance fare.  The first picture was taken on the hill top . This is supposed to be a surveillance spot for the protection of fort. Rumors about a secret passage from here to RAMAPPA are widespread. It would be soooo exciting to find that .

IMG_0184HOW ?

Reaching WARANGAL is simple. It has bus  connections from many cities . KHAJIPET JN which is a major railway junction is like a twin to WARANAL. Nearest airport is in HYDERABAD. But soon there going to be an airport in WARANGAL itself.


Fort is located just next to WARANGAL city.


Throughout the year.


WARANGAL FORT  has a entertainment zone for kids. ( Which was inaugurated on my birthday ). Warangal city has famous temples , monuments, theatres , shopping zones . You can go & visit RAMAPPA & LAKNAVARAM as well.

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    Beautiful pictures and looks a good fort to visit.

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      Thank you so much

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