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Fab bag

Fab bag- August 2016


I have been feeling bad about Fab bag for the last few months as they were sending it only in the second half of the month. However, I was surprised by the Fab bag- August 2016 edition as it came by 6th this month.

Fab bag- August 2016

These are the things which I got in my Fab bag- August 2016 edition

Fab bag- August 2016

  1. The most interesting thing this time is the Geri G. Innocent foundation. This is worth 2500/- and I got it in full size. I was asked to chose some make up product from Geri G and I never heard of that brand before. I did some research and found out – Geri G is a celebrity make up artist and running a make up line with limited options. This foundation, i needed some darker shade. But Fab bag gave me only two options and I chose the darker one. This looks slightly lighter on my skin, Though I am not looking like a vampire. I am trying to figure out some way to use it.Fab bag- August 2016

2. Just herbs Malabar Lemongrass Invigorating Body wash (545/- for 200 ml)

I received some 30 ml bottle. This is a lemon yellow colored body wash with a sweet smell.

3. Kronocare Anti Turn(oil) Repairing Hair oil – 2875/- for 500ml

This has a peculiar smell. Even though this sounds promising, it is rather very expensive for a hair oil (at least for me).

Fab bag- August 2016

4. Natural Bath & Body Gel Face Masque – 325/- 100ml

This is a very fruity smelling face mask, this exactly looks, feels and smells like the Everyouth orange peel off mask, but this is not a peel off. ( I love peel off masks, not because they work well. They give me good feeling while peeling them off)

5. Livon Serum  3ml packs 3 nos each 5ml.

They said it is a new formula or something what they usually say when they change the packing. I will see..