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Ask anyone what first comes to mind when they hear the word “Australia”, they will tend
towards two extremes; mile after mile of golden beaches drenched with surfers, or endless
sun-scorched deserts. But Australia hides within its 7.692 million square kilometres a varied
climate that supports all manner of activities perfect for someone looking to take the time
away from the rush of daily life and re-centre. These are the list of 5 activities to stimulate your mind on a trip to Australia to help you give overall experience.

1: Blissful Isolation on the Larapinta Trail:

South Australia’s West MacDonnell Range offers hikers of all stripes, from veterans to on-
again-off-again walkers, a chance to bask in the vast majesty of the Outback.One of the best reviewed hiking trials in Australia, the silence and intimidating scenery truly allows for moments of genuine self-reflection, cast adrift from urban distractions like phones and social media. Overall, a first choice in the list of 5 activities to stimulate your mind on a trip to Australia, to anyone looking for a more cerebral experience with their overseas adventures.

2: Stargazing in the Northern Territory:


Whether you’ve a passion for mapping the stars or simply want to enjoy the experience,
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park offers  some of the most spectacular astral sights you will find anywhere in the world. Almost 300 miles from the nearest city, you can guarantee a light-
pollution free night of starring out into the cosmos, contemplating the great questions of life.
Tours can host families or individuals and include local guides who brings their own

3: Tasmanian Fishing:

For those who are so inclined, Thousand Lakes in Tasmania offers ideal conditions for the
aspiring fisherman. Author and expert Greg French rates the region as one of the best for
fly-fishing, describing with passion the winding paths cutting through the cool rainforests of
the region, ending on the banks of Lake Country. Old weathered huts, reminiscent of a
highland bothy, dot the area, offering shelter should the need arise, but otherwise, it is
simply a case of finding a good spot and settling in, with only the trout to distract from your

4: The Slopes of the Dividing:



For those who of us who take our stimulation with a shot of adrenaline, then the ski slopes of
the Great Dividing Range hold the answer. Probably one of the more unexpected gems of
Australia, given its reputation for year-round summer, how often can someone experience
skiing down world-renowned slopes while weaving through copses of gum trees? Although
given the inconsistent reputation of Australian snow, it might be a good idea to make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities, from a broken snowboard to a broken bone.

5: Culture and Cuisine in Melbourne:

Of course, there is nothing wrong with stimulating the mind with activity and bustle, and
Melbourne offers both in bucketloads. Lose yourself in the buzz of the inner city’s colourful
laneways, admire amazing street art, find a souvenir or two at Queen Victoria Markets, or if
you’re looking to guarantee literal stimulation, grab a cup of the best coffee in the world, as
voted by the participants of and soak it all in.

Please comment below about what do you think or if you have any suggestions for adding to the list.

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