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                   Monsoons have something alluring about them. The world looks so fresh and pure after a hearty rain, not to forget some amazing smells. One of my friends even described it as ‘wet naked lady’. 

It is no surprise that some people prefer going on vacation in monsoons. On the other hand, with increased risk of natural disasters and  infections, this is also the season to be more cautious. 


These are the top Tips to make a memorable Monsoon trip. 


  1. Research :   Every travel plan should start with research. Look for a place which is expected to be dry or have light rains during your travel period. Avoid places with heavy rains and high flood risks.  
  2.  Be Ready to be flexible:    Even with hours of research, you might suddenly have to face heavy falls which might render all your plans useless (Remember the one in Barbados from FRIENDS?)  

    This is my brother and mother during our trip to Hampi. While we were visiting a cool lake, suddenly the sky became full of Nimbus clouds and we immediately drove back to our resort. Soon after, rain followed
  3. Pack properly : Rainy season can be really annoying at times. The weather may range from hot, sultry to wet or cold. Packing with layering in mind is best option: you can put light clothes and throw on jackets or coats when needed. Clothes dry easily, umbrellas, rain coats are must in the list. 

    Us, in our rain gear, riding to Munnar
  4. Food control: monsoon carries high risk of food and waterborne infections. Don’t let that worry you. Eat at a reliable place. Avoid Street foods (I know it is hard) and at juice stalls, insist on not using ice for your drink. Always carry your own bottle. 
  5. Bugs will bug you : Monsoons also experience a frustrating level of increase in bugs, flies and mosquitoes. Be ready with your bug repellents wherever you go. 
  6. Use technology: Regularly check the weather predictions and alerts in the area. This will help you plan and change your course of action immediately. 
  7. Plan activities: Rains won’t bother you if most of your activities are planned indoors. 
  8. Avoid taking risks: If you are going to beaches, don’t try to do any risky things like water sports in Monsoons or don’t venture into bathing in sea when it rains, even when it is just a drizzle. Tide and water level are badly fluctuating during this time. 
  9. Take good travel insurance: Because there is risk of sudden changes of plan or cancellation of flights or even the remote risk of falling ill, a travel insurance will help you go through this time. 
  10. Use common sense and stay safe: Had to add this with increased r/o selfie related risks and deaths in the recent past. Just last week, I read about a family trying to take selfie near a river and were carried away by a  flood. Remember, it is always better to be boring and safe than cool and dead. 

This is my list of Top tips for a memorable monsoon trip. If you have anything in mind, please comment below.

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