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TheHLabel – Affordable designer wear

Hello, friends!!!!!!!! I always feel that there is a significant gap between a common consumer and designer wear. One reason is availability the other reason is the price. TheHlabel is trying to bridge the gap, is a clothing website made with the designs of students of Fashion college “Hamstech”. The idea was to promote those budding designers.When I visited the website I could not believe it as the designs start from around 500 bucks. Seriously designer wear starting at Rs.500.

I was very glad. Though I always wanted to have designer wear it looked ridiculous spending thousands of rupees on simple things just because they have a designer tag. So when I first visited this site, I was pretty excited.

The layout is neat and simple. But I faced some technical issues like one dress appeared to be 0 rs while checking out. I continued to order as I thought it was some promotional offer. Then later realised it to be a technical error. Another problem I faced was with my ordered dress. Two days after ordering it, I got a call that ‘the product’ was out of stock. So I had to select another dress in the same price. With all the process it took >20 days for me to get the package. But it was Okay for me as it was a designer item and I am a patient person.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that I got a Rs.500 as a ‘first purchase discount’ . So I got a pretty dress and an awesome necklace for just Rs.1300.

The package is good and sturdy, the items came in a box labeled with ‘TheHlabel’.




I am satisfied with packing and very happy with products. The dress looks really cute with the bow.

I styled the dress completely black& white.
Necklace – very old one.
Belt,studded hairband-
Pearl sandals

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