Wagah border, A special memory


Those who attended the  will know how “Once in a life” kind of experience that will give you goosebumps when you  witness the ceremony. I went to Wagah border while i was in my MBBS.

For those who know very little about it, Wagah is a village in the  road border crossing and goods transit terminal between  India and Pakisthan, located about 30km distance of Amritsar.

This place is known for the Wagah border ceremony which takes place everyday at the border gate, organized by military of both the countries.

Also known as beating retreat border ceremony, Wagah border ceremony takes place daily before sunset. There will be a parade by soldiers on both sides of iron gates. With the sunset, the iron gates separating both countries open and flags are lowered. Soldiers of both sides then shake hands with each other.

I really have no idea why but watching Wagah border ceremony is so exciting kinda experience. May be because of the seriousness of the issues between the two countries. We south Indians do not have the idea, how it feels to be in a border state.  We imagine the border villages to be  near battle fields (that might be the truth, of course).

Since childhood we were grown imagining Pakisthan a special country. The thought  that the other side also people sooo simple like you and me live made my heart fill with a warm feeling. ( I was just 19 then).

I could accumulate some special moments at the Wagah border ceremony. Just before the ceremony begins, soldiers encourage small kids ( say below 10yrs) to parade  with a flag in hands to the gate. Kids usually jump at this kind of opportunity. I was sitting with my friends and was watching all this. Suddenly a soldier looked at us and called some one . We got confused and started looking at each other. He then pointed at me and called again. I went closer and was shocked when I realized that he was asking me to join a bunch of kids. I was very thin and short then ( short now also) , I was dressed in a red top  with black  3/4 leggings. My friend playfully tied my hair into two pleats. I was exactly looking like an oversized 10 yr old (rather then an undersized medical student). My friends started cheering up for me. So, I joined the parade with a glee, went near the gate, waved at people sitting on the other side.

My friends clicked lot of pictures but unfortunately, I could not get them. Still trying to get some pictures.. Very happy to share my memory with you guys..

Stay tuned for next   posts.

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