Blackheads are problematic to any age group, but teenagers and young adults are more prone to it.

Blackhead (open comedone )is actually a mixture of dead skin & sebum oxidized to become black. Though they are mainly concentrated around forehead and nose,they can involve most other parts of the body as well.


1.Cosmetics 2.Lack of skin care 3. hormones 4.Stress .

Whatever the cause is we have some remedies here to help you.

1. Pore strips

Pore strips can be a solution if u are really too busy to mess with powders or other stuff.I have two other posts to make the topic about pore strips clearer.You can click here & here.

2.steam it out

Steam is  a routinely practiced technique,which helps in dislodging sebum plugs easily .Steam for 5-10 mins twice a week. Follow with a scrub or mask  to increase it’s effectiveness.

3.Bake it


I’m sure everyone of u have baking soda in   water.Gently massage for 2-3 mins. Make sure to be gentle because it could be harsh.I do not advice this to people with sensitive skin. I used it with some success.

4.Cinnamon + Lemon

Lemon                  cinnamon-92594_640

Take some spoonful of cinnamon powder ,mix with same amount of lemon juice. Apply over the affected areas .Try to cope with the tingling or even slight burning sensation for 10-15 mins.Wash it.

Use at least twice a week.

5.Yummy Tomato

It is quiet simple.Take one tomato , cut it into half .Eat one half. Yeah , really i asked u to eat.

Now take the other half and rub on your face for 5 mins.Then let that become dry for  a while & wash it.I use it almost every other day.Try it, if it can not help you with blackheads at least it reduces greasiness of face.

6. Lemon & Honey

This is the most amazing ,simple & multi purpose face pack. It works amazingly for blackheads too.Only problem is u need to resist yourself from licking your face

7. Turmeric & mint.

Take some leaves of mint juice them or paste it.Add some turmeric to it. You can use this all over face.This gives a very good feeling to face.Wait for 10 mins.In addition to help with blackheads it also brightens the skin

8. EGG White        White_chicken_egg

Egg produces excellent results both inside & outside the body. Egg white does many things to face and one of them is fighting blackheads. For the next 15 mins ,if u are like me ,close your nose.

9. Oatmeal

If u do not have oatmeal  in powdered form use boiled & mashed oats instead. Take a spoonful of oatmeal then add honey.

Use this mixture as a scrub for 2-3 mins.Then keep it for 10 mins as a face  mask.Use twice a week for a 4 weeks for visible results.

10.Tone it up.

use this toner regularly to reduce & prevent blackheads.

Take 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar add 3/4 th cup of green tea (cooled down ,of course).

This will give a cupful of toner .Keep it in refrigerator & u can use it for 1 week.

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Thank you.



sadhvi mythili

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