Welcome 2016,Happy new year everyone.



2016 Hello everyone Happy new year 2016 .Hope you had a wonderful year end and a blasting new year. I welcomed new year with a terrible migraine . I will be staying at a rural rehabilitation center away from Hyderabad for next 2 months. Really do not know about the connectivity here , hopefully, I will stay in touch with all of you.

My new year celebrations are also with the patients in the rehab center.The design in the above photo is made by them.

The festival ‘Sankranthi’ is celebrated with bright colors and amazing designs  in A.P and Telangana.Every woman becomes an artist trying to recreate rainbows on roads. Once the celebrations of December 31 and  January 1  became popular they were also Telugized by incorporating the theme into the designs.By the way the design is known as ‘Muggu’ in Telugu similar to the one Rangoli in Hindi.

Usually, women from many middle-class families spend the time 12:00  am of Jan 1st by drawing these. Whole January roads will be drenched in colors Once I came to Hyderabad .sightings of the designs became few, I hope to find more this season as I will be staying in a  rural area.


Once again Happy new year to all, has a fantastic year.

See  you soon.



sadhvi mythili

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